Basketball Rings

You don't need a building permit to install a basketball ring, but there are things to consider before putting one up.

Will it be attached to a single skin, (or single layer), of brickwork?

Although you do not need a permit to install a basketball ring, this location really is not safe. A basketball ring takes a lot of impact, even without hanging the entire weight of a near-grown teenager or adult off the thin circle of metal. Most structures, particularly brickwork found in garages, fences and house facades, are not built with that kind of impact resistance in mind. The Victorian Building Authority strongly recommends you don’t  hang or swing off a household basketball ring, as it may cause serious injury to yourself and damage to your home.

If you have already installed a basketball ring onto a structure with a single layer or single skin of brickwork like a garage or fence, please take it down as quickly as safely possible.

Will it be attached to double brick or other materials?

For structures made from double brick or other materials, it is recommended you contact a structural engineer to check the wall and the proposed fixings are adequate and safe. 

Will it be attached to a freestanding pole?

No permit is required to install your basketball ring, but it should ideally be attached to a pole with at least the strength of galvanised steel and meet the following criteria:

  • The pole should be at least 90mm in diameter with a 5mm wall thickness.
  • It should be set at least 800mm (80cm) deep into a solid concrete footing.
  • This concrete slab should be at least 500mm (50cm) x 500mm, and at least 1000mm (1m) in depth.

Please see the Victorian Building Authority website at for details on safety minimums for basketball ring installation.

If in doubt, consult a structural engineer. To find a structural engineer, try the Victorian Building Authority’s registered building practitioner search, and look for civil engineers.

Contact the Victorian Building Authority on 1300 815 127 or email for more information.