Do I need a Planning Permit?

This Guide has been prepared to assist those with an interest in residential development within the City of Monash, identifying Council's current development design guidelines and the requirements of a planning permit.

Getting Started: A Guide to Residential Development(PDF, 46KB)

The specific design guidelines that oversee Monash are written by the Department of Transport and Planning, and are located here: Residential Development

Council will consider each residential development proposal having regard for the requirements of the above guidelines and the Monash Planning Scheme. Council's objective is to ensure that single-dwelling and medium-density development within the municipality is in keeping with community expectations throughout the municipality.

The following Strategic Planning issues will affect all development applications:

The requirements of the Monash Planning Scheme will influence the design of residential development proposals. All parts of this document should be read to understand Council's current development design guidelines before applying for a Planning Permit.

If you know you require a planning permit, please see the following page for information on: How to Apply for a Planning Permit

When do I need a planning permit?

The type, scale and extent of a building project or proposed development determines whether or not you need a planning permit. Additionally, your ‘property information,’ - which is generally referred to in connection with mortgages, zones, overlays and easements affecting your property - may turn this may affect your building and design plans, please check the following page for details on how to view this information: Property Information.

Single Dwellings:

Approval for construction, extensions or alterations to single dwellings is generally only subject to gaining a building permit.

However, a planning permit is required:

  • If a property has a site area less than 500 square metres (500m2).
  • If a property is located within a Heritage Overlay area.

Other specific provisions may apply depending on the location of the site, the relevant Planning Scheme Zone and any Overlay controls, if applicable. If you are proposing a development, you should make sure you are aware of the entire relevant zone and other provisions that apply to your property.

Two or More Dwellings: Medium Density Housing

Planning Permit approval is required for:

  • Two or more dwellings on a site, other than dependent person's units.
  • High rise apartments.
  • Residential buildings such as boarding houses.
  • Extensions to any of the above

These types of applications must be assessed against the requirements of the provisions of the Monash Planning Scheme.

This Guide details Council's preferred Design Guidelines that will achieve the desired development outcome in keeping with community expectations for residential development in the City of Monash. Please see the following page for details:  Residential Development