Amendment C125 - Panel Hearing Information

Council has referred the proposed changes to the Monash Planning Scheme to an Independent Panel for review. For further information, see: Proposed new residential zones.

The following information is being provided on Council’s website, in accordance with the Panel’s directions:

Council’s Part A submission

Council Submission: Part A - Amendment C125 to Monash Planning Scheme(PDF, 1MB)

Council’s Part B submission

Council Submission: Part B - Amendment C125 to Monash Planning Scheme(PDF, 684KB)

Expert Witness Reports commissioned by Council

Expert Evidence of Andrew Spencer(PDF, 1MB)

Expert Evidence of Simon Wollan(PDF, 259KB)

Expert Report of James Lamour Reid(PDF, 1MB)

Submitter Expert Witness Reports

Expert Evidence of Gregory Moore(PDF, 166KB)

Expert Evidence Rob McGauran(PDF, 2MB)

Expert Evidence S McGurn(PDF, 1MB)

Expert Witness Report R. Kelderman of Contour Town Planners(PDF, 3MB)

Unaccompanied Panel site visit locations list

Monash Amendment C125 - Site Inspections(PDF, 146KB)

Background reports to Council’s submission

AHURI (2004) Local Government and Housing(PDF, 96KB)

AHURI (2010) How do Planning Requirements Impact Housing Costs and Development Process(PDF, 331KB)

Australian Property Monitors Home Price Guides(PDF, 906KB)

Beca & Essential Economics (2005) Monash Specialised Activity Centre(PDF, 6MB)

Beer, A. & Foley B. (2003)  Housing need and provision for recently arrived refugees in Australia(PDF, 3MB)

Beer, A. & Morphett, S. (2002) The housing and other service needs of recently arrived immigrants(PDF, 277KB)

City of Monash (2009) Brandon Park Major Activity Centre Structure Plan(PDF, 2MB) 

City of Monash (2010) Oakleigh Major Activity Centre Structure Draft Plan(PDF, 5MB)

City of Monash (2012) Oakleigh Major Activity Centre Structure Plan(PDF, 2MB)

City of Monash (2013) Brandon Park Major Activity Centre Structure Plan(PDF, 1MB)

City of Monash (2013) Council Plan 2013-2017: Major Initiatives 2015-16(PDF, 3MB)

City of Monash (2013) Council Plan 2013-2017(PDF, 5MB)

City of Monash (2013) Monash Open Space Strategy(PDF, 7MB)

City of Monash et al (2010) Clayton Community Action Plan 2010(PDF, 835KB)

City of Port Phillip (2007) Housing Strategy 2007 to 2017(PDF, 661KB)

DACV 2005 Accessible Place, Accessible State 2020 - Recommended Policy Outline for the Victorian Government(PDF, 106KB)

DTPLI (2013) Urban Development Program 2013 East Map(PDF, 2MB)

DTPLI (2013) Urban Development Program 2013(PDF, 1MB)

DTPLI (2013) Victoria in Future 2012(PDF, 6MB)

Eastern Regional Housing Working Group (2006) Eastern Regional Housing Statement(PDF, 1MB)

Essential Environmental Services (2004) Monash Housing Strategy 2004(PDF, 3MB)

Ethnic Communities Council of Vic (2008) Housing Victoria's New Migrant and Refugee Communities(PDF, 218KB)

Liviable Housing Design (2012) Guidelines(PDF, 4MB)

MacroPlan Australia (2008) Monash Initiatives for Housing Choice and Affordability in New Residential Development(PDF, 1MB)

MGS Architects (2015) Housing Analysis of the New Residential Zones in the City of Monash(PDF, 1MB)

Monash Bulletin June 2015(PDF, 1MB)

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National Housing Supply Council (2011) 3rd State of Supply Report(PDF, 5MB)

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Planishere (2015) Neighbourhood Character Review

Planisphere (2014) Monash Housing Strategy 2014(PDF, 2MB)

Planisphere (2016) Monash New Residential Zones Advice(PDF, 2MB)

SGS Economics & Planning (2016) Analysis of Proposed Res Zones(PDF, 7MB)

Spatial Economics for DPCD (2009) Housing Development Data - 2004 to 2008(PDF, 1MB)

State Gov Vic (2008) Planning A Short Guide(PDF, 538KB)

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