Glen Waverley Activity Centre

At its meeting of 31 May 2016, Council considered the Planning Panel’s report. It resolved to adopt Amendment C120 with changes and submit it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

The amendment was approved by the Minister for Planning on 31 October 2017 and gazetted on 25 January 2018. 

Glen Waverley Structure Plan (updated June 2016)(PDF, 8MB)

For more information, see Amendment C120 - Glen Waverley Activity Centre.


Council has prepared several plans to guide the future development of the Glen Waverley Activity Centre.

In September 2013, Council adopted a masterplan for the centre. The masterplan sets a vision for the area to be:

"A smart, prosperous, accessible and diverse city that provides a focus for the community and the regional innovation corridor; where Council has used its assets within the Centre to develop the city’s distinct urban garden identity and increase community capacity through well-targeted services, public spaces and avenue streets."

Here is the masterplan:

Glen Waverley Activity Centre - Masterplan (pdf, 21MB)(PDF, 21MB)

The masterplan was used to help develop a draft Structure Plan and draft Sustainable Transport Plan for the centre. In 2014, Council sought community feedback on these draft plans. Here is a summary of the community feedback: Glen Waverley Activity Centre - Community Consultation(PDF, 645KB)

Some changes were made to both plans in response to community feedback. Council then adopted final versions of both plans in September 2014. Here is the Structure Plan and Sustainable Transport Plan adopted in 2014:

Glen Waverley Activity Centre - Structure Plan(PDF, 8MB)

Glen Waverley Activity Centre - Sustainable Transport Plan(PDF, 3MB)

In 2015, Council proposed an Amendment to the Planning Scheme to incorporate the Structure Plan into the scheme. Community feedback was sought on the Amendment. At its meeting in October 2015, Council decided to make some changes to the Amendment (and the Structure Plan) in response to community feedback. These changes were:

  • Reduce the maximum building heights proposed for Built Form Area I (east side of Springvale Road, between High Street Road and Hogan Road) from four-six storeys to three-four storeys with a maximum height of 13.5 metres
  • Reduce the maximum building heights proposed for Built Form Area J (the Mountain View Hotel site) from four-eight storeys to three-four storeys with a maximum height of 13.5 metres.

Council referred all community submissions about the Amendment to an independent planning panel which has undertaken an assessment. For more information, see Amendment C120 - Glen Waverley Activity Centre.

More Information

These plans set clear directions to guide decision-making on developments. The plans will also help Council and other public bodies prepare for infrastructure upgrades generated by the area’s growth.

Key components include:

Activities and Land Use

This component includes objectives such as strengthening the area as the region's premier food and entertainment precinct, identifying the opportunities for more diverse housing options and strengthening the medical precinct emerging on the western side of Springvale Road. A major renewal opportunity is identified on the Central car park site, with ideas for a public square, a community hub (including an expanded Glen Waverley library), and mixed use development.

Built Form

Glen Waverley’s population is expected to grow by about 9% (3740 people) by 2031, with 1600 more dwellings set to be required. The Structure Plan includes proposed directions on design, measures to protect amenity for traders and residents, and guidelines for the height of development in and around the centre.

Public Realm

This component identifies opportunities for improvements to public spaces, and for streetscape upgrades to make the area safer and more enjoyable for pedestrians and cyclists.

Movement and Transport

Key aspects include: measures to improve pedestrian and cyclist priority on key roads, the construction of a ring road around the centre, improving bus and train facilities, and reviewing car parking facilities.