Restrictions on number of animals

Please read our Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-2025(PDF, 2MB). It explains our policies for pets and other animals.


You can keep a number of animals on your property without an additional animal permit:

  • Dogs - limit 2
  • Cats - limit 2
  • Poultry* - 5
  • Pigeons - 10, racing pigeons - 60
  • Rabbits - 5
  • Guinea pigs - 8
  • Mice - 8
  • Keeping bees (beehives)

*A rooster cannot be kept on a property without having obtained approval through a Local Law Permit

It should be noted that permits for roosters are not automatic and are subject to an approval process which takes a number of considerations into account, particularly the potential for a rooster to cause a nuisance.

Additional animal permit

You can apply to keep extra animals (above the limit or not listed above, for example an exotic bird) by filling out the form below. If you already have extra animals, use the renewal form. 


In order to register your cat with the City of Monash, your cat must be desexed.

Fill in the form

Apply for additional animal permit(PDF, 543KB)