Payments - Other Options

There are several payment methods for any parking fines, including online, by phone, money order or in person - Parking Fine Payments.

Rates payment can be made online, by direct debit or other methods listed below.

Payment for rates, dog/cat registration and home care can be made in the following ways:

Australia Post

Website: Post Billpay - Pay

  • Rates - Billpay Code: 0547
  • Dog or Cat Registration - Billpay Code: 0337
  • Home Care - Billpay Code: 2314

By phone:13 18 16.


Your bank via Bpay

Website: BPay

  • Rates - Biller Code: 1826
  • Dog or Cat Registration - Biller Code: 958777
  • Home Care - Biller Code: 958769

Bpay View - register with your bank to receive your rate notice electronically.

Mail, Phone, in Person

Refer to your rates notice, home care invoice or dog and cat registration for other payment options:

  • Mail:
    PO Box 1
    Glen Waverley 3150
  • Phone - credit card:
    Customer Service: 9518 3555
  • At Council office:
    Monash City Council
    293 Springvale Road
    Glen Waverley 3150