Street Parties


Street parties are a fun and popular way to bring your neighbours together and gather on the street in areas usually reserved for cars.

Closing your street for a street party requires an Event Permit.

There is no cost for this permit, however you will need to fill out supportive documentation including an Event Plan, Risk Assessment Plan and Site Map. This process ensures that your street is suitable to be closed and that your event will be delivered safely. 

Want to arrange a Street Party?

Council has created a Street Party Guide(PDF, 4MB) to step you through the process of organising a Street Party.

Get in touch

  • Complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form online. This online questionnaire provides Council with an overview of your Street Party. It does not imply that the event is approved – it is a registration of interest only.
  • Council will then provide you with the required supportive documentation to complete to obtain an Event Permit.

Apply for Event Permit

  • Complete and submit an Event Plan, Site Map, Risk Assessment Plan and Agreement from Neighbours form to Council.
  • After the forms have been approved, Council will develop a Traffic Management Plan that will include the type and number of signs and barricades and their placement on the street.
  • Council will issue an Event Permit once all the necessary documentation is complete. The permit will include a list of conditions you need to comply with in order to safely deliver your Street Party.


Event Plan(PDF, 457KB)

Agreement from Neighbours form(PDF, 418KB)

Sample invitation(PDF, 4MB)

Host your party!