Events Resources and Templates

The templates below have been developed to help you plan your event.

Please note, after opening any of the PDF templates, you will need to SAVE the template onto a location on your computer BEFORE editing. To edit, re-open the template from the saved location on your computer. Changes to the template will not be saved if you edit the online version of the template. After completing the form/template, SAVE again.

If you experience any problems reading documents listed below, please contact Council's Events Officers on 9518 3636 or email

Event Guide Resources & Templates 2022(PDF, 10MB)

Detailed Event Plan for Community Events(PDF, 845KB)

Risk Assessment Guidelines(PDF, 334KB)

Risk Assessment Template(DOCX, 422KB)

Pre-event Hazard Checklist(PDF, 302KB)

Safe and Healthy Crowded Places - visit Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub website: Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook