Education, Engagement & Reporting

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Many opportunities exist for everyone in the community and within Council to change daily behaviours that will reduce their impact on the environment.

Education through community workshopsfestival stalls and resources such as booklets aim to raise awareness and knowledge in order to help achieve this change.

Reporting is another key element of implementing Council’s commitment to sustainability.

Council’s vision for education, engagement and reporting is outlined below. Further information can be found in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-2026.(PDF, 8MB)

Annual reports

Effective reporting to the community raises the profile and promotes the importance of improving environmental outcomes across the City and enables opportunities for further improvements to be identified. Below are Council's Annual Reports so far for the Environmental Sustainability Strategy. 

2019-2020 Report

Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Annual Report-2019-2020(PDF, 613KB)

2018-19 Report

View print version of the 2018-19 report: 

Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Annual Report 2018-19(PDF, 13MB)

View web version of the 2018-19 report:

Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Annual Report 2018-19: web version(PDF, 472KB)

To request the 2018-19 Annual Report of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy in another format, please contact our Sustainable Monash team on 9518 3733 or email

2017-18 Report

Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Annual Report 2017-18(PDF, 5MB)

2016-17 Report

Environmental Sustainability Strategy: Annual Report 2016-17(PDF, 3MB)


  • Educate and engage staff and community to understand environmental sustainability concepts and issues and to implement solutions
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on the sustainability performance of Council


  • Environmental education and behaviour change programs relating to all priority areas are developed, delivered, monitored and evaluated
  • Sustainability outcomes and targets are monitored, evaluated and reported using the best practice sustainability indicators and accounting processes