Lining your caddy

Lining a caddy for food scraps

You can collect food scraps loose in your caddy and green waste bin, or you can line your caddy. Lining your caddy can reduce smells and keep your caddy cleaner.

You can line your caddy using any of these:

  • Paper towel, serviettes or paper napkins
  • Old newspaper
  • Dry garden leaves
  • Certified compostable liners

Where to buy compostable liners

If you would like to line your caddy with compostable liners, you will need 8-litre liners or larger that have the certified compostable logo:

Compostable logo 

Look for these brands at your local supermarket or hardware store:

  • Compost-a-pak compost bin liners
  • 'Glad to be Green' compostable kitchen caddy liners
  • My Eco Bag kitchen caddy bags
  • Multix Greener compostable bags

Some brands may not be available at all stores. Other brands may also be sold - check for the compostable logo before buying.

Buy certified compostable liners online via select retailers:

If buying liners from other retailers, only buy compostable liners that have the certified compostable logo.

Handy tips when using liners 

Compostable liners are made from material that is designed to break down easier than plastic. This is a good thing, however it means the liners need to be handled a little different to plastic bags:

  • Use compostable liners within 12 months of purchase.
  • Keep the liners in a cool dark space.
  • If the liners become wet, it can make them break down quicker. When using them to recycle food, replace the liners every 2-3 days. You could also place paper towel inside the liner first to soak up any moisture.
  • If the liners don’t have handles, only fill them to 80% capacity so you can tie a knot in the top. The liners also won’t get as heavy and will be less likely to break.

Lining your green bin

Only Australian-certified compostable liners can be used in your green bin. It is not recommended to use large compostable liners to line the green bin as these would break easily with the weight of food and garden clippings. Using compostable liners for the caddy will contain food and prevent it from leaking into the green bin.