Short Story Competition Results 2023

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Category A: 12 to 14 years

First Place: This is Goodbye by Lily Holcombe
Second Place: Claws by Dulara Jayasekara
Third Place: The Rebellion by Ben Berger

Highly Commended:

A Troublesome Snack by Jagan Vinod
Dare to Dream by Shiven Rewal
The Letter by Moukthika Balaganesh
Not Just Human Arrogance by Austin Su
Operative Pard by Shirley Yang
The City of my Love By Liana Wong
3023 The D-Day by Shreya Kalani

Category B: 15 to 17 years

First Place: Take Me Where You Are by Tasmiya Haque
Second Place: The Last Summer Ever by Maya Crombie
Third Place: Rehearsal Notes by Aditi Acharla

Highly Commended:

Mind Games by Tarini 
A Mother's Testament to Life by Yara Wu
The Symphony of Individuality by Aarush Shah
Better Late than Never by Jehan Mutha
The Space Mailman by Liana Chen
Zaporizhzhia by Prisha Rewal
The Tram Serenade by Arti Tandon

Category C: Adults

First Place: Don’t be Dramatic (It’s Just the End of the World) by Oscar Morphew
Second Place: Panic by Wen Yee Ang
Third Place: The Mugging of Marigold Brown by Lenette Griffin

Highly Commended:

The Gift by Karen Sargent
The Grenade by Marieste Lozande
Leftovers by Auj Ali
Dressed for Amanda by Peter Lingard
The Wrong Twin by Linda Grace
Lemon People by Brody Salmond
The Sunset by Iain H. McLean