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Video conferencing apps are now becoming essential for us to stay in touch with loved ones and friends.

The library is conducting online Zoom workshops and events. If you haven't used Zoom before here are some helpful tips and links.

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How to use Zoom

  • On a laptop you only need the meeting invitation link which you copy and paste into a browser window (MS Edge, Chrome, Safari internet browser).
  • On a mobile device download and install the Zoom app: App store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play store for all Android devices.
  • Once installed open the app and make an account /or sign in with your previously made account details with username and password.
  • Zoom requires you give permission to use your device camera and audio so make sure you answer yes to any pop-up messages that ask these questions. This will ensure you can hear, speak and see the meeting and others can hear and see you. Both video and audio can be turned off by you if you wish.

Joining Meetings

  • To join a meeting sent to you via email just click the Zoom meeting link in the email.
  • Select if you would like to connect audio and/or video and tap Join Meeting.
  • Specific help for devices and joining meetings.
  • Test Zoom meeting: to check your device is working correctly with audio and video
  • Often the host will need to start the meeting before you can join.
  • Join the meeting/event a few minutes early so you can troubleshoot any problems
  • With large meetings (>5 people) it is polite to mute your microphone so noise is not distracting to others. The host may also mute everyone's sound in order to run the meeting/event without interruption.
  • Leave the meeting by tapping the Leave button.

Note: You must be connected to the internet to join the meeting. Use your wifi to join without incurring telephone data charges.

Other video meeting applications

MS Teams, Google Meet, Messenger, Facetime, Skype, What'sApp and many more.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the best and safest app to video chat online.

Things to consider:
  • Do you and your friends/loved ones have devices that connect to the internet and offer good speed?
  • What is your data allowance on your mobile phone? Video conferencing takes more data than email!
  • Apple and Android? PC or mobile phone?
  • Security
  • Participant numbers
  • Time limit for video calls
  • Cost
  • Live transcription? For participants that have hearing difficulties or poor audio quality

Online training

There are a number of simple, easy, free online courses from Be Connected, an Australian eSafety training organisation.

Making Video calls with Skype, Facetime and What'sApp

All about Apps including how to download them.

All about data with your internet plans.

Helpful articles

Jul/Aug 2020 Computer Choice: Lockdown and meet up .

This provides a simple and easy to use listing of the main videoconferencing apps. Indicates devices, maximum participant numbers, support, security tips.

Skype is a popular video conferencing and calling software. However, Microsoft will migrate all Skype for Business to Microsoft (MS) Teams by July 2021.


  • Ensure that your video calls are only available to the participants you want. No "Zoom bombing" by people you don't know.
  • Enable password access to your video calls
  • Talk to participants about recording the calls.
  • Understand how to turn off your video if you wish to not be recorded.
  • Create your own background so that what's behind your face is what you want shown. (Not your messy room or family faces)
  • Use your own internet connection, wifi or mobile data. Not third party sites ( such as libraries!)

Test your system

Test your internet, audio and video settings before calling. Most apps have support where you can test your equipment


Test Zoom meeting

Skype troubleshooting

MS Teams