Wifi Access Help

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Monash Libraries offers free access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi) to authorised library members.

Adult library members, and those under the age of 16 who have parental consent, can register to use Wi-Fi. Once registered, you can connect to any wireless compatible device including laptops, smart phones and tablets.

How to connect

Nearly all laptops are wireless enabled and any smart phone or tablet will come with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Select Library-WiFi from the available WiFi signals on your device.

At the login page, enter your library card number and password. If you have forgotten your password please see library staff to reset it.

If the login page does not automatically open then open a web browser and the Wifi Conditions of Use should appear.

Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions and click Continue.  (Please read these conditions)


Ensure wireless is enabled on your device. Laptops usually have a switch and mobile devices have a setting.

Ensure you are properly logged out of any other wireless networks.

Some security settings on your device may block access and will need adjusting in order to connect successfully.

Ensure your phone is properly charged as some power saver and data saver apps may restrict access to the Wi-Fi authentication.

Poor signal? Try moving around the library as the strength may vary.

Browser error? In MS Edge click Continue to this website. In Firefox click Accept this certificate. You should then proceed to our login page.

At Mulgrave? Wi-Fi is set to a different signal - ask staff for help.

Your Wi-Fi account can be used simultaneously on up to five devices.


You can print word documents, pdfs, images, photos and spreadsheets. The cost is 20c per A4 black and white print, $1.00 per A4 colour print. For more information.