Fees and Charges

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Fees for 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

All charges inclusive of GST.

Item Fee
Overdues No overdue charges. Historical overdue charges will be forgiven.
Lost / Damaged items (including magazines and paperbacks) Charges apply - cash or EFT accepted

Replacement cost of item, plus $5.00 non-refundable processing charge. 

Replacement of Membership Card


All Reservations No charge
Interlibrary Loans

No charge unless a fee is charged by the Library Service supplying the item(s)

Photocopying and Printing:

B & W (A4) one side

B & W (A4) both sides

B & W (A3) one side

B & W (A3) both sides

Colour A4

Colour A3

Charges are:





$1.00 per page ($2 for both sides)

$1.50 per page ($3 for both sides)

Scanning Free
Library bags $2.20
Book sale items $0.50
Literature Festival workshops $10.50
Chargeable programs $4.20


Here's how you can ensure your items are not overdue:

  • Email reminders are sent either 3, 5 or 7 days before your loans are due.
  • Speak to a staff member or log in to your library card to register your email address with us and activate this service.
  • Auto-renewals are now active. Please check your account to see what could not be renewed.
  • Contact us if you have items which are not reserved by other library members and are not more than 2 days overdue.