Libraries Change Lives

Madelon Mother of Dragons

Monash Public Library Service has joined Victoria’s 272 public libraries and the State Library Victoria in a statewide campaign.

The campaign highlights the role of public libraries in building literate, productive and engaged communities with the goal of ensuring libraries get the support they need to grow, and provide vital services to growing communities.

Our Pandemic Story

We're telling OUR story!

2020 was a year we'll never forget. 2021 is becoming another unforgettable year. However, as much as we would like to move past it, there is value in recording our pandemic experiences and remembering the lessons learnt from this recent history.

That's why we have created a short documentary about our experience as a public library during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch it on our YouTube Channel.

Libraries Celebrate Mother Languages

Public Libraries Victoria show how libraries celebrate the diversity of our community and their mother languages in this short video on You Tube

Watch Monash Librarian Emma show her mother language. Did you know people with more than one language also have improved problem solving, memory and listening skills? 


Be Surprised By Libraries

Five short videos have been produced to tell surprising, moving and unique stories about the way individuals use their local libraries to enrich and empower their lives.

Watch these touching stories on the Monash Libraries social media or the Public Libraries Victoria social media. A new video was released daily at 11am from Monday 3 May - Friday 7 May 2021. #BeSurprisedByLibraries

The "Mother of Dragons" video showcases Madelon and volunteer Mrs Wang from our Mandarin Conversation Circle program.

It has been a very special journey for Madelon as well as the staff who have been part of her experience. We thank you for sharing your story with Public Libraries Victoria and allowing people everywhere to hear about the impact that our program has had on you.


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Story telling

Hindi Storytime fun

Get involved by sharing your story about how libraries changed your life. 

Read the stories we've received. Check our Facebook page for more stories.


Visit to learn more. #LibrariesChangeLives



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Last updated: 16 August 2021