Avenues of Honour

Mount Waverley Avenue of Honour
There were originally four Avenues of Honour located within the City of Monash, which were all recognised as part of the Anzac Centenary 2014-2018.
Commemorative bollards were placed at each of the Avenue sites in a project that was officially launched on 9 May 2015. A unique QR code on each bollard links people to this webpage, where they can learn further information.


The existing Avenues of Honour are located in:
  • Drummond Street Oakleigh;
  • High Street Road Mount Waverley;
  • Carinish Road Clayton;
The Notting Hill Avenue of Honour on Blackburn Road was lost in the early 1970s when the trees were removed so the road could be widened. A bollard is located near the corner of Blackburn and Hampshire Roads. 
The nine remaining original trees from the Clayton Avenue of Honour planted in 1918 were recently removed as part of the Skyrail project. Seedlings from the original trees have been replanted to create a new Avenue in Carinish Road across from the Clayton RSL.  


Newspaper accounts describe the planning, siting, tree choices and planting of the various Avenues of Honour.
The planting ceremonies for the avenues were very important local events and were fully detailed and photographed by the papers.
Many local people in council and on committees are mentioned by name in the newspaper accounts.
The documents published here contain lists of the particular soldiers honoured by each avenue.
Is it honour or honor? The old newspapers transcribed here used the spelling honor. Today in Australia, it is more usual to use the spelling  honour. We have kept the spelling as it was in the transcribed old newspaper accounts. You may notice other words spelled in an old-fashioned way!
The information provided on this webpage is not intended to be a definitive history of the Avenues of Honour in the City of Monash.