Our Team

Clayton Youth Services Librarian: Wendy

Wendy Youth Librarian

Wendy joined the library staff as a Youth Librarian as it was the only way for her to have fun reading books, dress up like an elephant or do the chicken dance!
Contact Wendy
Phone: 9541 3120


Glen Waverley Youth Services Librarian: Michelle 

Michelle Youth Librarian

Michelle and her puppet Coco love reading so the logical thought was that they would end up becoming librarians. When they are not in the library they like to spend time with their pet cats and go to the footy to cheer on the mighty Tiges! 

Contact Michelle

Phone: 9518 3030 

Mount Waverley Youth Services Librarian: Lilian

Lilian Youth Librarian

Where is reading, singing and dancing encouraged? The Library!! This is where Lilian knew she was destined to be.

Contact Lilian 

Phone: 9518 3950 


Mulgrave Youth Services Librarian: Bronwyn

Bronwyn Youth Librarian

Bron loved to read to her two dogs so much that she decided that she needed a bigger audience! Add in some silly songs and some wiggly actions and Bron will be there! 

Contact Bron

Phone: 9518 3502 


Oakleigh Youth Services Librarians: Lisa & Jennifer

Lisa Youth Librarian

Until a few years ago, Lisa didn’t know she wanted to be a children’s librarian.  Now she likes nothing better than talking to kids about books and singing and dancing at Storytime!  


Jennifer Youth Librarian

Jennifer loves stories! Books, rhymes and silly songs are her idea of fun. Jennifer really enjoys being part of the Youth Services Team and is always happy to chat to children and parents about reading.


Contact Lisa & Jennifer

Phone: 9518 3970 


Wheelers Hill Youth Services Librarian: Emily

Emily Youth Librarian

Emily loves Storytime and Babytime because it means she gets to have bundles of fun at work! A few of her favourite things are: picture books, Harry Potter, dressing up in silly hats and the colour yellow.


Contact Emily

Phone: 9265 4877