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Windows 10 Accessibility support is now available on two computers at all branches except Mulgrave Library.

Windows 10 accessibility features include:

  • Adjusting icons and mouse to improve visibility 
  • Narrator including accessing Braille. The screen-reading app, Narrator, offers simplified navigation and intelligent image description
  • Magnifier:  Enlarge words and images
  • Colour Themes: Boost contrast or get rid of color entirely—whether you have colorblindness, light sensitivity, or a visual preference, with color filters you can customize your screen's color palette

Other accessibility features available:

  • BigKeys Keyboard: A standard keyboard with letter, numbers and icons in large sized font, making keys easier to see and press. All with big mouse. Glen Waverley Library also has a keyguard.
  • Touch screens: For use as an alternative to a mouse and keyboard, compatible with head pointers.
  • Communication Board: Pictorial communication symbols on laminated sheets for people who cannot talk or who have speech that is difficult to understand. Clayton and Glen Waverley have these available in Chinese.
  • AUSLAN Children’s storytime with an AUSLAN (sign language) interpreter. At Glen Waverley Library.
  • Home Library Service for Monash residents who are unable to visit our libraries: Home delivery, Bus service, Loans to residential facilities. Contact the Positive Ageing Librarian on (03) 9560 1655 to discuss.
  • Large Print Books: Unabridged versions of standard print books using a larger sized type.
  • Books on CD: Audio books, both fiction and non-fiction are available to borrow.
  • Digital Books: A range of audio books for children and adults that can be read or listened to on your computer.
  • Magnifying Equipment: Perspex sheet placed over book or other resources to magnify size of text.
  • Special characters: The public computers are configured to enable input of the Community Languages of the Monash area.  iPads are available for use within the Mulgrave Library.
  • Audio induction loop systems (also called audio-frequency induction loops, AFILs or hearing loops): These are an aid for the hard of hearing. They are a loop of cable around a designated area, which generates a magnetic field picked up by a hearing aid. There is a loop area in all branches.

Communication Access Symbol

  • Monash Public Library Service has been accredited as Communication Access friendly by Scope Australia.

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Last updated: 06 March 2019