Kindergarten Outreach Support (Non-English Languages)

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Kindergarten Outreach Support is a free program that supports multicultural families in Monash enrol in and attend kindergarten.  

If a family does not speak English at home, our Kindergarten Outreach Support officer can work together to connect them with inclusive early years services and overcome language barriers.  

What is Kindergarten Outreach Support? 

The program can help families with:  

  • Enrolling in kindergarten and learning about the Victorian Government's free kindergarten program. 
  • Accessing Early Start Kindergarten if you’re a family with a refugee or asylum seeker background. 
  • Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school. 
  • Connecting with playgroups, maternal and child health services and other early childhood services. 

The Kindergarten Outreach Program for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) families is funded by the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training.  

Contact details 

Peter Verveniotis, Kindergarten Outreach Project Officer (Tues/Wed/Thurs) 
0408 354 823 

More resources  

Kindergarten Outreach Support flyer

Kindergarten information in different languages

You can find translated information about kindergarten in Victorian on the Victorian Government's website.

Monash interpreter service

Council provides a free interpreting service for non-English speaking customers over the phone or in person at any Customer Service Centre. 

Cantonese - 廣東話 : 4713 5002 

Mandarin - 普通话 : 4713 5001 

Greek - Ελληνικά : 4713 5004 

Hindi - हिंदी : 4713 5005 

Italian - Italiano : 4713 5008 

Korean - 한국어 : 4713 5010 

Sinhalese - සිංහල : 4713 5020 

Tamil - தமிழ் : 4713 5021 

Vietnamese - Việt Ngữ : 4713 5003 

For all other languages : 4713 5000