Permanent outdoor parklets

poath rd 1.jpg

With the support of the State Government's Safe Outdoor Activation Fund, Monash Council has created several permanent outdoor parklets in key retail areas.

February 2023 update: Parklets on Roads Policy

These parklets support traders by providing opportunities for the community to sit down and have a meal or a coffee from one of the local establishments while meeting with family and friends. 

An initial parklet was installed at Kerrie Road Reserve in Glen Waverley with more community spaces following at Dirigo Drive Reserve in Mulgrave, St Clair Crescent Reserve in Syndal and on Poath Road in Hughesdale adjacent to the Hughesdale Railway Station overpass and the Djerring Trail. 

A new permanent space at Winbourne Road adjacent to the Mount Waverley Shopping Village replaced the temporary parklet at the same site. The previous temporary space was very popular with the local community and traders.

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