Public spaces cleaning

Bins on the street

Our Monash Pride Crew was formed to improve the cleanliness and aesthetics of the City of Monash, improve communications between the City of Monash, traders and users of our activity centres.

Monash Pride Crew aim to reduce the amount of litter on footpaths, road reserves and garden beds throughout the Municipality.

In addition to this, Monash Pride Crew based in our activity centres are responsible for the collection of litter, maintaining the cleanliness of the public waste, recycling and cigarette butt bins, removal of bill posters, inspecting and reporting street furniture maintenance issues (bollards, signage, seating and bike racks). 

Monash Pride Crew is a key figure in improving the communication and customer service between the City of Monash and the traders and residents of the Municipality. 

Public litter and recycling bins are provided in activity centres and other locations, such as reserves, to help keep Monash clean and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Public litter and recycling bins are collected on various days throughout the week, with frequencies based on their usage.  

For more information, please read the Litter Action Plan 2018-2022(PDF, 629KB)