Monash Open Space Strategy

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As Monash’s population continues to grow, it is important residents have access to quality public open space for them to enjoy.

The Monash Open Space Strategy has been prepared in response to the community’s desire for more open space. It will be used to guide Council in providing open space now and in the future.

The Strategy looks at what the future needs of the community might be over the next 15 years and how to plan for them.

Key Documents

Monash Open Space Strategy - November 2021(PDF, 20MB)

Monash Open Space Strategy Implementation plan and Open Space Contribution Report - October 2021(PDF, 3MB)

Next Steps

A key direction of the Monash Open Space Strategy is to update the public open space contribution rates for subdivision under the Monash Planning Scheme.

Council is currently proposing a planning scheme amendment (Amendment C169) to increase the public open space requirement for subdivision to 10%. Currently Council requires a public open space contribution of between 2% and 5% depending on the number of lots created.

A contribution rate of 10% has been determined as necessary to deliver a reasonable standard of open space provision across the whole of Monash for a growing population. This contribution rate reflects the need to ensure that all residents in the future have contributed to providing an appropriate level of public open space services.

For more information, please read: Planning Scheme Amendment C169


Council adopted the updates to the Monash Open Space Strategy at its 30 November 2021 meeting. For more information, please read:

Report to Council Meeting 30 November 2021(PDF, 325KB)

The Strategy was originally adopted by Council at its 30 October 2018 meeting. In 2021 the strategy was updated to include the latest population data and forecasts, and revise the strategy timeframe to 2021-2036 (from 2018-2028).