Temporary and Mobile Food Premises

A state-wide online system for the registration or notification of temporary and mobile food premises, vending machines and water transport vehicles applies under the Food Act 1984.

You may need separate Council approval to operate in a public place (for example, footpaths). The Planning and Community Laws departments of the Council can advise you about the limitations and regulations relevant to your business.

  • Temporary food premises - these are temporary sites or stalls where food is sold. This includes stalls and tents at school fetes, markets, festivals and other short-term events including sausage sizzles.
  • Mobile food premises - these are vehicles such as vans, trailers or carts from which food is sold.

State-wide online system


If you wish to operate a temporary food premises or a mobile food van, simply visit the Foodtrader website.

Step 1.Create your login  

Create your login and the system will guide you through the process until you are ready to lodge the forms with Council.

Step 2.Application accepted 

Once an application to register or notify is accepted by your 'Principal Council', your food business or community group can trade anywhere in Victoria, provided a Statement of Trade has been lodged with the Council.

Statements of trade can be continually lodged and managed through Foodtrader by accessing your account.

More Information

The single state-wide registration system is only relevant to registration under the Food Act 1984.