Request new or additional bin, or change your bin size

Note: Businesses can apply at Bin Service - Commercial Properties

Find out what to do if your bin is lost or damaged, or if your bin doesn't get picked up.

Residential bins

Need additional or bigger bin (landfill, recycling or green)?

If you find your landfill (red lid), recycling or green waste bin gets full before bin collection day you can request an extra bin or a larger bin. To do so, please complete online request below.

Prices (subject to change per financial year):

  • Upgrade landfill 120L to 240L - $280
  • Additional Landfill 120L - $280
  • Additional Landfill 240L - $560
  • Additional Recycle 240L - $66.30
  • Additional Green 240L - $157.10

Please note: This form must be completed by the ratepayer. Additional fees apply for additional or larger bins and will be added to your rates notice. Fees are reviewed annually and are calculated pro-rata based on when the bin is delivered.

Additional Residential Recycling Bin (Yellow)

Additional Residential Food & Garden Bin (Green)

Additional Residential Landfill Bin (Red)

Upgrade Residential Landfill Bin (Red)

Request a green waste bin (if you don't have any)

If you would like to recycle food waste and don’t have a green waste bin, please contact us to request one and we’ll see if your property is eligible.

We will need to make sure you have adequate storage and collection access for the green waste bin. Depending on your housing situation, we may also need to chat with your Body Corporate or Landlord (where applicable).

If your request is approved, we will arrange a green waste bin and kitchen caddy for you. To request a green waste bin, please complete this form:

Application for First Residential Green Waste Bin(PDF, 267KB)

Request a kitchen caddy

If you don’t have a kitchen caddy to collect your food scraps in, please complete a request online: The kitchen caddy’s capacity is 7 litres.

Kitchen caddy request

You can also call 9518 3555.

Please note: Kitchen caddies are only available to residential properties with a food and garden waste (green) bin. There is a limit of 1 caddy per household; broken or missing caddies can be replaced.

It is recommended to use compostable liners

Apply for special consideration

Eligible households can request a larger landfill (red lid) bin, or an additional recycling bin, free of charge.

If you are in financial hardship and have a large family (of 6 or more members), a medical condition or two or more children in nappies, complete the Application for Special Consideration Form(PDF, 378KB) or contact us on 9518 3555 for more information.

Moving home

Landfill, recycling and green waste bins are the property of Council. When you move to another property, you must leave the bins on the property for use by the new property owner.

If you have recently moved into a property and do not have any bins, please contact Customer Service on 9518 3555.

Conditions of Service and Supply of the Residential Bin Service(PDF, 987KB)