Bin Service - Commercial Properties

Businesses in Monash can arrange a waste collection service through Council.

Please read our conditions of service carefully before requesting a waste service:  

Conditions of Service and Supply of the Commercial Bin Service(PDF, 757KB) 

Download the relevant application form below. 

Once completed, you can return it by email to or mail it to PO Box 1, Glen Waverley, VIC, 3150.

If you have any questions, or are unsure which application form you need, please phone Council on 9518 3555.

Rubbish Bin Collection

Bins collected twice a week: Commercial NON-Rateable Property Twice Weekly Waste Service Application(PDF, 834KB)

Bins collected once a week: Commercial NON-Rateable Property Weekly Waste Service Application(PDF, 679KB)

Garden Waste Bin Collection

Bins collected fortnightly: Commercial Organics Service Application(PDF, 706KB)

Recycling Bin Collection

Bins collected fortnightly: Commercial Recycling Service Application(PDF, 677KB)

If you already get rubbish collected and need an extra bin

Additional bins collected twice a week: Additional Commercial Twice Weekly Service Application(PDF, 706KB)

Additional bins collected once a week: Additional Commercial Weekly Service Application(PDF, 675KB)