Heritage Properties

In the City of Monash, some areas are designated in a Heritage Overlay Zone to preserve their unique historical, architectural, natural or cultural character. If your property is in one of these areas, it means a planning permit is needed for the removal or demolition of all or part of a building and for major work, like extensions.

To find some of the most significant heritage-listed places and objects in Monash, visit the Victorian Heritage Database.

How do I find out if my property is affected?

To see if your property is in a Heritage Overlay Zone, please see the City of Monash Interactive Maps

What do I need a permit for?

  • Extensions
  • Externally altering a building by structural work
  • Demolition of all or part of a building 
  • Constructing a front fence
  • Removing some vegetation – some sites have specific landscape controls

What does not need a permit?

  • Painting interiors or exteriors in any colour/s
  • Routine maintenance and repairs that do not change the appearance of the heritage place 

What is the cost of a town planning permit?

Application fees vary depending on cost of works. See the Planning Permit page, or call Council on 9518 3555.

Will I be able to subdivide my property for multiple dwellings if it is in a heritage area?

Yes, as long as normal planning requirements are met and the character of the heritage place is not adversely affected by the development.

What if my house is too expensive to restore and I want to replace it with a new building? 

If an application is lodged to demolish a property in a heritage place, Council will consider the purpose of the Overlay, and impact of the house removal and proposed replacement buildings on the surrounding neighbourhood.  

How will heritage controls affect the value of my property?

Generally, heritage properties become more valuable to homeowners wishing to live in the home and are less likely to be attractive to people wanting to demolish an existing house and develop the site.

More Information

For more information, please call Customer Service on 9518 3555.