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2024 Local Government General Elections  

The next Local Government General Elections will be held on Saturday, 26 October 2024.

Leading up to the October elections, we will be regularly updating this web page.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) is responsible for the conduct of all Victorian Local Government elections, by-elections, and countbacks.

Electoral Structure Update

The electoral structure (Wards) of the Monash City Council have changed. These changes will apply in the Local Government General Election on Saturday 26 October 2024.

Monash will have 11 wards with a single Councillor representing each ward. These single wards will be named: Gardiners Creek, Blackburn, Gallaghers, Mayfield, Scotchmans Creek, Jells, University, Warrigal, Banksia, Wellington and Waverley Park.

More information: 

Please read: Monash City Council electoral structure review

Enrolling to Vote 

The rules for council-enrolled voters have changed ahead of the 2024 council elections.
Read more: Enrolling to vote

Find a range of general information: Local council elections | Victorian Electoral Commission (

Information for Candidates 

The Victorian Electoral Commission publishes a range of guidance materials for candidates in the Local Government elections, including advice on eligibility, the nominations process and campaigning: Become a local council candidate | Victorian Electoral Commission (

Candidate Training

The Local Government Candidate Training is mandatory for all candidates before they are eligible to nominate.

The training must be completed before formally nominating as a candidate.

Read more: Candidate Training (

Councillor Induction Process

An extensive induction program for all newly elected Councillors at the 2024 Council elections will be prepared.

Under the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020, all Councillors must complete the Council induction program.

Any queries may be addressed to Holly, Executive Assistant to the Mayor and Councillors, on 9518 3524 or

Caretaker period during Council elections

The Local Government Act 2020 states the Election Period starts on the last day on which nominations for the election can be received and finishes at 6pm on the election day.

During the Election Period, Council enters what is known as a caretaker period. This ensures that:

  • Council actions don't interfere with the election process, and the election process is conducted in an ethical, fair and equitable way
  • The authority of the incoming council is safeguarded

During the Election/Caretaker Period:

  • Councils are prohibited from making certain types of decisions
  • Material produced by councils must not contain matter that will affect voting at the election

Monash Council's Governance Rules include information on our Election Period Policy.