What goes in your landfill (red lid) bin

Rubbish collection

Your landfill bin (red lid) is for any items that cannot be recycled through your recycling bin, food and garden waste bin or other recycling services.

Yes – these items can go in your landfill (red lid) bin

All rubbish must be bagged or wrapped before going in your bin.

  • Plastic bags, plastic film, soft plastics (read about recent changes to soft plastics recycling and new options for Monash residents)
  • Long life milk and juice containers (UHT, Tetra Pak)
  • Food packaging (box/wrapping food comes in)
  • Fruit and vegetable stickers (small stickers on fruit, vegetables and other produce)
  • Baby wipes, wet wipes
  • Nappies, pet waste, sanitary and incontinence products (wrapped)
  • Broken drinking glass, mugs, ceramics (wrapped)
  • Broken crockery, cutlery, pyrex (wrapped)
  • Clothing, footwear, textiles
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Dryer lint, vacuum dust (wrapped)
  • Gloves, garden hose, gardening tools
  • Mirrors, window glass
  • Polystyrene, foam meat trays
  • Takeaway coffee cups, lids, straws
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste tubes
  • Toys (excluding electronic items)

No – these items cannot go in your landfill (red lid) bin

  • Batteries, mobile phones
  • Electronic items (anything with a plug, battery or power cord)
  • Chemicals, solvents, syringes
  • Gas bottles
  • Hot ashes, pressurised liquids (cans)
  • Light globes, printer cartridges
  • Timber, rocks, bricks, building materials
  • Vehicle oil

For more information on what goes in your other bins, please see our pages on What goes in your recycling bin and What goes in your food and garden waste bin.

 What happens to your rubbish

Items put in your red lid bin are sent to landfill. The rubbish is spread out, flattened by large earth-moving machines and covered in soil at the end of each day.

The buried rubbish slowly breaks down and decomposes over a very long time. As the rubbish breaks down, it can produce methane gas, a harmful greenhouse gas which contributes to climate change.

Reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill is one way we can help care for and protect the environment.