Design Guidelines

Council’s Neighbourhood Character Policy at Clause 22.01 of the Monash Planning Scheme applies to all residential land in Monash and seeks to enhance its garden city character and ensure development is consistent with the key characteristics and the desired future character of each designated character precinct. More information: Neighbourhood Character.

The following guidelines may affect your planning permit application or proposed development: 

Electricity Supply Meter Boxes - Guidelines(PDF, 193KB)

  • Meter box installations can be an ugly intrusion in the streetscape. The objective of these guidelines is to ensure that meter box installations are integrated into a development sensitively and unobtrusively.

Home-Based Business in Monash - Guidelines(PDF, 126KB)

  • Many people operate their own small business from their residential home. Such a use is called a home-based business. The Monash Planning Scheme allows a person to use their residential home for home occupation provided certain requirements are satisfied.

Multi-Unit and Commercial Developments Waste Management Plan - Guide for Applicants(PDF, 1MB)

  • This guide has been developed to provide planning permit applicants with information on how to prepare a Waste Management Plan to manage the waste and recycling needs of their development. 

Student Accommodation - Guidelines(PDF, 637KB)

  • Council’s strategic statement, Monash 2012, identifies there is an increasing demand for a variety of different housing styles to cater for changing household sizes and structures.

Urban Design in the Monash Technology Precinct - Guidelines(PDF, 1MB)

  • These guidelines have been prepared to give direction for developers and Council Officers to achieve the preferred built-form outcomes for new development in the Monash Technology Precinct.