Municipal elections were held on 24 October 2020 by the Victorian Electoral Commission, who conducted the elections on behalf of Monash Council. A new Council was sworn in on Tuesday 10 November 2020.

Monash is represented by 11 Councillors who are elected by the community. Each of the councillors represents a ward, or geographic area, within Monash. Two councillors represent Glen Waverley ward while there are three councillors in each of the three other wards: Mount Waverley, Mulgrave and Oakleigh.

Council Meeting 14 November 2022 - Mulgrave Ward Councillor Tina Samardzija has been elected Monash’s Mayor for the next 12 months. Glen Waverley Ward Councillor Nicky Luo has been elected Deputy Mayor

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Contacting Your Councillors

PRINT version: Monash Councillors 2022 - contact details(PDF, 522KB)

If you are not sure which ward you live in, please visit this section of Council's website - See What's Around Me - enter your address and then scroll down past the map to see your Councillors. Alternatively, view this map to see which ward you are in - Ward Map.

Councillor Code of Conduct

In February 2021, Council adopted an updated Code of Conduct for Councillors. The Code:

  • sets out the standards of conduct expected of elected representatives
  • endeavours to foster good working relations between Councillors to enable Councillors to work constructively together in the best interests of the local community
  • specifically seeks to lift the standard of behaviour of Councillors during Council meetings, Council briefing meetings and any other Council related meetings which Councillors participate in from time to time
  • mandates Councillor conduct designed to build public confidence in the integrity of local government

Code of Conduct for Councillors(PDF, 327KB)

Enquiries: Governance team on 9518 3509.

Councillor Gift Policy

This policy provides guidance to Councillors relating to the acceptance or otherwise of a gift offered to them.

In March 2021, Council adopted Councillor Gift Policy(PDF, 182KB)