Our Values, Vision and Mission


Community vision for Monash:
Monash is the most liveable city in Victoria. Monash is a city that gives more than it takes. It:

  • Shares its surplus
  • Thrives through its rich diversity
  • Empowers its community to live healthy, connected lives
  • Nurtures innovation and prioritises sustainability; and
  • Is a liveable place where we all belong.

Council’s mission:
Monash Council provides facilities and services, and advocates for the community, through the well-planned and balanced assessment of needs, for those who live, work and play in Monash. We listen to our community and research to ensure good decision making.

Our values:

  • Accountability - We are responsible for our actions and behaviours every day.
  • Respect - We value diversity and appreciate others.
  • Teamwork - We work collaboratively to achieve shared goals.

Monash Values

Our Key Directions:

  • Sustainable City
  • Inclusive Services
  • Enhanced Places
  • Good Governance