Tree planting in local streets

Council's approach to street tree planting is proactive and reactive. Council's 30-year Street Tree Strategy identifies about 15 streets a year to assess and start the renewal of the streetscape. Council also has a Street Tree Replacement Program that focuses on vacant sites suitable for planting, and locations where trees have been removed after being assessed as having less than 5 years useful life left.

The street tree planting program runs from around June to September and includes site preparation, planting, mulching and watering to establish the tree. Once planted, each tree is added to our establishment program which typically runs for two years or until the tree has established enough to thrive. 

The species of street tree planted in local streets is chosen to match the scale of the street and to deliver a consistent streetscape character.

When planting a new street tree in a street that already has street trees, Council will usually plant the same species of tree as the most predominant species in the street. For more information, see Street Tree Selection and the Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy.

Tree establishment

Newly planted trees are monitored by Council’s Arboriculture team and contractors to ensure they get enough maintenance to aid in their establishment during the first two years or as required. This may include watering, mulching, weeding, formative pruning and staking. If you see an issue with a new tree, please contact Council on 9518 3555 or to report for our team to follow up.

Tips for caring for your street tree

The following information outlines ways residents can help Council to manage the health of street trees:


  • Council has a tree-watering program. Offering to provide water during the first two years after planting (particularly during extended dry periods) is the most important thing you can do for your street tree. But too much water may harm it. If the street tree is young, the best way of checking if it needs water is to feel the soil beneath the mulch - if the soil is dry, the tree should be watered.  

Trunk Protection

  • When maintaining your nature strip, ensure no damage occurs to the trunk of the tree. This damage most often occurs when people are mowing the lawn or brush cutting.


  • Residents are encouraged to contact Council if the tree requires more mulch. Please ensure no mulch is built up immediately around the trunk as this can contribute to disease.

Tree Stakes

  • Try to ensure any personal activities do not disrupt the stakes of a young tree. If damage occurs, please report damage to Council by calling 9518 3555.


  • If weeds are left untended, they will cause stress and affect the proper establishment of the tree. Please see the following list for details about the identification and removal of weeds commonly found in Monash.

Rubbish Bins

  • Leave at least 0.5m distance between bins and street trees to avoid tree damage.