Integrated Planning

At its 26 October 2021 meeting, Council adopted the Community Vision, Council Plan, Asset Plan and Financial Plan, which sets out the key objectives Council wishes to achieve.

See more here: Integrated Strategic Planning and Performance Reporting(PDF, 227KB)  

Context document

A common introduction to the four Plans has been compiled that explains the relationship between the Plans, the engagement process and contextual information about Monash and Council.  

Context document(PDF, 6MB)

Community Vision

The Community Vision has a long-term view of what is important to Monash and how our City will look in 20 years, setting out a Vision Statement, six Themes and Principles to guide Council and the wider Monash community on our aspirations for the future.  

Community Vision(PDF, 4MB)  

Council Plan

The Council Plan has a four-year horizon reflecting Council’s term, and sets out 4 Strategic Objectives, with each having explanatory text and 5 Strategies for their implementation. Each Strategic Objective also has proposed Priority projects and Strategic Indicators.  

Council Plan(PDF, 3MB)  

Financial Plan

The Financial Plan has a ten-year horizon and sets out six 10 year financial statements as well as Financial Performance Indicators and the assumptions behind these. 

Financial Plan(PDF, 2MB)  

Asset Plan

The Asset Plan has a ten-year horizon and outlines Monash’s approach to asset management, the future challenges and opportunities for managing our assets, as well as the funding requirements to maintain our assets and ensure we are able to continue to deliver our current services.

Asset Plan(PDF, 2MB)