How to place your bin for collection

Collection trucks have an ‘arm’ to lift bins, so it is important to put your bins out correctly so the arm can reach it.

With your neighbours, you can help ensure bins can be collected every time by following these tips:

Person putting bins out for collection

  • Put your bins on the nature strip the night before your collection day. Return bins to your property within 24 hours of them being emptied

Bin spacing for collection

  • Leave 50cm between bins and 1m between your bin and any trees, poles or parked cars.

Garbage truck using arms to pick up a recycling bin

  • Heavy bins cannot be lifted by the truck – if you are struggling to move your bin, it may be too heavy.

Bins out for collection on collection day

  • Avoid parking in front of bins on bin collection day. If possible, keep your street free of parked cars on bin collection day. If your bin wasn’t collected because of a parked car, please call us within 24 hours to return and empty the bin.

Person using assigned to their property

  • Only use the bins assigned to your property.

Person putting accepted items in a recycling bin

Woman standing next to a recycle bin with lid closed

  • Keep bin lids closed, and pick up any litter that falls on the ground around your bin.

If you live in a court, please put your bins along the straight section of the street for safer and easier collection.