Monash Affordable Housing Strategy

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At its meeting on 26 September 2023, Council adopted the Monash Affordable Housing Strategy: Monash Affordable Housing Strategy(PDF, 753KB)

Report to Council Meeting 26 September 2023 - Monash Affordable Housing Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

Council resolved to:

  1. Receive and note the feedback made in response to the community consultation that occurred in July and August 2023 on the draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy.
  2. Note the Officer’s response and recommendations to submissions as outlined in this report and in Attachment 1 (Consultation Report)
  3. Endorse the changes proposed to the Monash Affordable Housing Strategy as set out in this report and the amended Monash Affordable Housing Strategy.
  4. Adopt the amended Monash Affordable Housing Strategy in accordance with the proposed changes set out in this report and appended as Attachment 2 (finalised Monash Affordable Housing Strategy)
  5. Note that if adopted, a report will be presented to a future Council meeting to consider the changes to the Monash Planning Scheme to implement potential planning scheme actions of the Monash Affordable Housing Strategy.


At its meeting on 27 June 2023, Council considered a report on the draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy: Draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy(PDF, 738KB)

Report to Council Meeting 27 June 2023 - Draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy(PDF, 830KB)

Council resolved to:

1. Note that content and recommendations of the Draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy - June 2023.

2. Release the Draft Monash Affordable Housing Strategy - June 2023 for community consultation in accordance with the consultation program set out in this Report.

3. Note that a further report will be presented to Council upon the completion of the community consultation reporting on the outcomes of the consultation and to consider any proposed way forward.

Rising house prices and rents, and limited investment in social and affordable housing, have led to a dramatic increase in the number of households experiencing housing stress in Monash. In response, Council has developed an Affordable Housing Strategy.

The strategy makes a clear case for taking action to increase the provision of affordable housing in Monash. It also demonstrates the need for affordable housing, and the social and economic benefits of having more affordable housing. 

More Information

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