Construction Hours

Power saw

Construction and building works are part of a growing, thriving city like Monash - but it can be a noisy process.

Construction works must be managed so noise and traffic problems don't become an issue for residents, visitors and businesses.

Council appreciates the negative impact large construction can have on local amenity, and believes that any excessive impact from construction on nearby residents is unacceptable.

We expect builders on residential and  commercial construction sites to work within specified hours to reduce the impact on nearby properties.

Our Local Law noise controls require that noise from building works in residential areas  (for example, work on verandahs, alterations, house and unit constructions, and landscaping) must not be able to be heard from within a dwelling during the following times:

  • Before 7am or after 8pm from Monday to Friday
  • Before 9am or after 8pm on a weekend or public holiday

Construction times for larger commercial building (for example multi-storey office buildings, warehouse construction) may be included in the planning permit. Normally these are:

  • Not before 7am or after 6pm Monday to Friday
  • Not before 9am or after 1pm on a weekend or public holiday

Occasionally, construction work can be carried out on building sites between 1pm and 5pm on a weekend or public holiday provided it does not include excavation or the use of heavy machinery.

If you have concerns that a construction site is operating outside of these hours, please call Council on 9518 3555.