Engineering Plan Checking Application

If you are undertaking building work, connecting to Council's drain or subdividing land, you may need to provide an engineering plan to be checked and approved by Council.

From 1 September 2020, plans submitted for engineering plan checking and approval must be submitted online and pay the appropriate fee.

You can lodge your Engineering Plan Checking Application online.

Please check the Engineering Plan Checking Application cost (at the bottom of this page).

When is this Application required?

The Engineering Plan Checking Application is required when:

  • Your proposed works have received planning approval and you need to provide engineering plans in accordance with the Planning Permit Conditions.
  • In some circumstances, Council has asked for engineering plans for approval.

The engineering plan checking application does not cover structural engineering drawings.

Engineering, Drainage and Civil Construction Plans

Engineering (Drainage) Plans are plans that require minor drainage and engineering works, generally associated with smaller developments such as multi-unit sites.

Civil Construction Plans include drainage and engineering works, but also include civil construction works such as roads, laneways, footpaths and streetscape works. They are generally associated with larger commercial sites, industrial sites and smaller subdivisions, but can also include some multi-unit sites.

Supporting documents

When you initially lodge plans for approval, you must provide the following:

  • The plans for assessment
  • Copy of the Town Planning Endorsed Condition 1 plans (where appropriate)
  • Copy of the Legal Point of Discharge Report
  • Relevant on-site detention calculations where appropriate (ensuring that the OSD and PSD is obtained from Council prior to designing your on-site detention network) – email: requesting the detention parameters.

You are required to check and sign off the Engineering Plan Checklist(PDF, 773KB) prior to submitting your application. The checklist does not need to be submitted with the application, but you will need to acknowledge you have completed it. 

If the relevant documents requested above are not submitted for approval, you may experience delays in the plans being processed. 

Lodge Engineering Plan Checking Application

Step 1.Prepare supporting documents

Step 2.Apply online

You must lodge your Engineering Plan Checking Application online. The initial application must be lodged with the supporting documents.

Engineering Plan Checking Application

You don't need to provide a copy of the Engineering Plan Checklist if you lodge your application online.

If you are unable to do it online, please call Customer Service team on 9518 3555.

Step 3.Approval process

If all documents and payments are received, your application will be processed within 10 working days.

Engineering Plan Checking Application cost

The following tables set out the fee structure for Engineering Plan Checking Applications:

Engineering / Drainage Plan Fees

Engineering / Drainage Plan


Assessment and Approval
(this allows for 1 amendment to the initial plan submitted)

$ 447.70

Additional amendment for assessment and approval

$ 167.90

Amendment to an Approved Plan

$ 167.90
Civil Construction Plan Fees

Civil Construction Plan


Assessment and Approval
(this allows for 2 amendments to the initial plan submitted)


Additional amendment for assessment and approval

$ 335.90

Amendment to an Approved Plan

$ 335.90


For larger subdivision sites, the fees will be provided in the Planning Permit.

With the initial lodgement of your Engineering/Drainage plan, you can resubmit 1 amended plan without extra fees being applied.

With Civil Construction plans, you can submit up to 2 amended plans without extra charges being applied.

Additional amended plans submitted will incur additional charges.

If you require an amendment to an approved plan, this will also be charged.