We offer different payment options. All online payments being offered utilise secure and compliant payment channels.

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Pay rates

Receive your rates notices electronically (EzyBill)


Pay rates online

Register for direct debit - online

Other payment options

Read more: Animal registration renewal

Dog - pay online

Cat - pay online

Additional Animal ( Extra) - pay online

Domestic Animal Business (example: Pet Shop) - pay online

Other payment options


Request for Internal Review of Infringement Notice


Animals Infringement Notice - pay online

Asset Protection Infringement Notice - pay online

Environmental Protection Act Infringement Notice - pay online

Food Act Infringement Notice- pay online

Public Health & Wellbeing Act Infringement Notice - pay online

Local Law Infringement Notice - pay online

Tobacco Act Infringement Notice - pay online

Parking Infringement Notice - pay online

Swimming Pool Infringement - pay online

Public Health Registration

Make a payment for Public Health Registration*

Renew Registration and pay online

Footpath Traders Permit

Make a payment for Footpath Traders Permit (Signs & Goods)

Pay online

Home care

Payment options

Hall for hire

Online payments will be available soon

* Public health registration - essential for food premises, hairdressers, beauty salons, prescribed accommodation, skin penetration and tattooists.


If you have any questions or enquiries about our payments, please call Council on 9518 3555.