Temporary Road Closures

A temporary road closure is approved for safety when a 3-metre clearance cannot be maintained. This will be dictated by your Traffic Management Plan and/or Traffic Guidance Scheme.

If your planned works and/or event require a temporary street closure, you must distribute a notification letter to those affected within the available detour area, 7 days prior to the closure date. 

Written notifications should be distributed to all affected properties, schools, public transport providers and Emergency Services, if detours are implemented or significant delays are expected.

Permits that may require a temporary road closure:

Changing Dates

If you need to change the date(s) of the road closure due to unforeseen circumstances, the permit holder will need to request to cancel or reschedule the permit date prior to the scheduled road closure date.

If change of date(s) is approved, the permit holder must also re-notify the community 7 days prior to the rescheduled road closure.

Council must approve your letter before you distribute notifications.

Please use the Road Closure Notification Template(DOCX, 809KB) for the assessment of your proposed road closure.

For more information, call Council on 9518 3555, visit the Civic Centre at 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, or email mail@monash.vic.gov.au