EzyBill Service

Council has implemented the ability for ratepayers to register online to receive their rates notices electronically. The system used is called “EzyBill” and is safe, securely hosted and easy to use. Once you register, you will receive future rates notices electronically delivered to your email and EzyBill registered account. You will need a copy of your latest rates notice to register.

Ezybill – login or register online, update or cancel an existing registration details:

EzyBill - login or register online


Once registered, you will receive notifications in your email inbox when a notice has been issued. The email will contain the notice and a link to enable you to both view and pay the account at that time should you wish to do so. Overtime, the system will also build an archive of previously issued notices for your convenience and future reference.


Additionally, you will also receive an SMS message advising you when a rate notice has been issued.

For more information, contact Revenue Services on 03 9518 3555, or email: pravs-revenue2@monash.vic.gov.au

EzyBill Service Expansion – Managing Agents

In addition to enabling the existing Individual single rate notice registration in EzyBill, Council has now expanded its EzyBill platform to enable Managing Agents to simply register for multiple notices for properties they manage:

  1. Individual: Single Rate Notice Registration, and introducing
  2. Managing Agents: Multiple Notice Registration

EzyBill - Managing Agent Brochure(PDF, 1MB)

Registration is by invitation only. If you have received an invitation letter from Council, then all you need to do for all of your properties in one simple registration. Your “Managing Agent Code” and associated “Code Description” are allocated by Council, as shown on your invitation letter.

Important Note 

All managing agents must navigate the portal only by the options available under the section ‘Managing Agent’ heading.

  • Agents registering, must use a company email address for the email notifications to be sent to and a company mobile phone number for SMS notifications.
  • Do NOT use a staff members email addresses or mobile phone numbers when registering, as agency staff movements occur.
  • Once registered, the Managing Agent becomes responsible to maintain/update their information by logging into their registered account.


EzyBill - register online

Managing Agents Benefits

In addition to receiving notices electronically, the system also provides a number of other features that benefit an agent in managing those accounts, such as: 

  • No more postal delays or non-receipt of notices
  • Receive email notifications when notices are issued
  • Download PDFs of notices
  • Export notice data into a spreadsheet
  • Provides a Notice Archiving Service