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Monash Council hosts a range of community events, programs and workshops throughout the year.

Festivals and celebratory events are an important part of community life.

They can create a sense of pride and belonging in a geographical area or within a community, showcase the talents and cultures of that community to a wider audience and bring people of many different backgrounds together in celebration.

Council presented and supported festivals express the character, attributes and aspirations of the people of Monash.

We invite stallholders, food vendors, performers, artists and community groups to register their interest.

Applications are currently closed and will re-open in July 2024 for Council's 2024/25 summer series of events.

Monash Festival Guidelines

Stallholders applying to Council are required to submit a description, including where practicable a visual representation of what they intend to display and/or sell at a festival or event.

Performers applying to Council are required to submit examples of their work, indicative of what they could perform at the event.

Upon receipt of an application, Council reserves the right to seek information concerning an applicant. It also reserves the right to refuse an application if an applicant does not provide the information sought by Council or, in its absolute discretion, it deems the proposed applicant to be inconsistent with one or more desired event outcomes.

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that it will be successful.

Desired Outcomes

Council believes the purpose of Community Festivals and Events is to achieve the following broad outcomes:

  • Provide appropriate entertainment and activities to enrich the cultural life of the Monash community.
  • Facilitate opportunities for local community groups to provide information about local community services and activities that are directly of benefit to the local community.
  • Seek feedback from residents concerning Council services.
  • Promote Council services.
  • Provide opportunities for State and Federal government departments to disseminate information about their relevant community services.

General Events - Vendor Fees

These fees apply for all Council Festivals and Events until 30 June 2024.

All fees are exclusive of GST.

Commercial Vendor Site Fee (Per Stall)


Commercial Marquee Hire (Per Stall)


Community Stall Fee (Per Stall)


Community Marquee Hire (Per Stall)


Vendors Power Fee (Per Stall)


Marquee Weights (Per Stall)


* Community Stall Fee will apply if you are not already a Council Grant Funded group or if you are unable to provide any form of FREE activity/ workshop/ entertainment.

Selection Criteria

Consideration will be given to the below when choosing suitable businesses/ community groups to participate in Council Events.

  • Priority is given to suitable businesses based in the municipality or surrounding municipalities.
  • Prior performance is taken into consideration if you have been involved in Council events before.
  • Relevance and suitability to the event.
  • Benefit to and/or interactivity with the community at the event.
  • Distribution of opportunities across providers and provider types over the season and previous events.
  • Food vendors: Food checker menu assessment. All vendors are required to submit a menu assessment to be eligible. Council is working towards Healthy Food choices as well as reducing single use plastics at events.
  • Performers: Quality of performance or offering based on the web links provided.

Stallholder and Performer Applications

Please read Terms and Conditions before applying online.

Applications are currently closed and will re-open in July 2024.


Stallholder Terms and Conditions(PDF, 311KB)


Performer Terms and Conditions(PDF, 310KB)

Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that it will be successful.

Information Privacy Statement

The Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 protects the personal information of individuals. The City of Monash takes this responsibility seriously and endeavours to manage and protect personal information in its possession at all times. The Council will only use and disclose information for the purpose/s for which it is collected.

The Council has adopted policies and procedures to protect personal information. Queries regarding Council’s handling of information privacy can be directed to the Information Privacy Officer, telephone 9518 3555.

Stallholder and Speaker Guidelines 

Council-presented and supported events and festivals express the character, attributes and aspirations of the people of Monash.

Stallholders applying to participate in a Council event or festival, or to a Council-supported event or festival, are required to submit a description, including where practicable a visual representation, of what they intend to display and/or sell.

Please read: Event Site Guidelines(PDF, 183KB)

As part of the application process, Council has guidelines for stallholders and speakers.

You can view the guidelines at Guidelines for Stallholders and Speakers(PDF, 137KB)

For any enquiries about food vendor applications, please contact

Sustainable Events

We all have a part to play in caring for the natural world and ensuring our actions have as minimal impact on the environment as possible, now and in the future.

Monash Council is committed to avoiding litter and waste, minimising the future of single-use plastics and supporting stallholders and food vendors to join us with this commitment.

We are asking all stallholders involved in our events to commit to as many as possible of the actions listed below, to join us in working towards more sustainable events:

  • Balloons free event: balloons are banned at events in Monash.
  • Reusables: commit to using reusable plates, cups and mugs (if being offered by the event organiser).
  • Single-use plastics free event (including plastic water bottles, cable ties, signage, coffee cups).
  • Single-use product free event (give or sell nothing that is destined to landfill and replace all giveaways with waste free activities).

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