Recycle Right Feedback Program

Recycle Right Feedback Program

Using our recycling and food and garden waste bins correctly is a simple and effective way to care for the environment and one another.

When we put the right items in our bins, we help ensure they can be collected and accepted items can be recycled or composted.

It also helps to keep workers, and the public, safe.

Through the Recycle Right feedback program, Recycling Feedback Officers check recycling and food and garden waste bins and give residents information on their recycling efforts. The program aims to help residents recycle right and care for the environment and each other by:

  • Increasing recycling knowledge: Knowing what can and can’t go in your recycling and food and garden waste bins can seem confusing at times. We’ll provide you with tailored feedback and support to help you learn what items can and can’t go in your bins so you feel more empowered to use your bins correctly and recycle right. 
  • Reducing contamination: Contamination occurs when an incorrect item is put in the bin. Just one heavily contaminated bin could cause an entire truckload of recycling or food and garden waste to be sent to landfill. By putting the right items in the bin, we can help ensure accepted items can be recycled or composted, rather than being sent to landfill. This helps reduce the demand for raw materials, energy and water needed to create new products. 
  • Keeping everyone safe: Incorrect items need to be removed by hand at sorting facilities and this can put workers at risk of injury. Some items are also hazardous, such as batteries and electronic items. Putting these items in your bin could cause smouldering or fires in the collection truck, at sorting facilities or in landfill which would put the public, and workers, in an unsafe environment.

Residents who use their bins correctly are invited to enter a prize draw as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for recycling right. Winners are drawn monthly for a gift voucher at a value of $100 at Upparel, Biome or Compost Community.

If you would like to discuss any feedback you have received through the program, or would like more information about the program, contact the Sustainable Monash Team on 9518 3555 or