Micro forests in Monash

Micro forest

Micro forests are densely packed patches of native bushland which are planted to about the size of a tennis court.  

They include upper, middle, and low storey Indigenous plantings that provide habitats for native birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.  

Micro forests are part of a world-wide movement to support afforestation and help introduce dense native forest environments to our urban areas. 

Why build a micro forest?

Micro forests play an important role in strengthening and preserving our local biodiversity and the health of our ecosystems.   

Aside from the feeling of being immersed within a forest environment, they help to cool down our cities, absorb carbon and help fight climate change.   

They also support our commitment to a more biodiverse Monash as well as our commitment to increase tree canopy cover across our city to 30% by 2040. 

Benefits of micro forests

  • Accelerated growth: grow around 10 times faster than traditional forests.
  • High biodiversity: contain more than 30 different plant species.
  • Thermal cooling: helps cool our urban environment especially on hot days.
  • Improved soil: texture, health, and moisture content is enhanced.
  • Stormwater mitigation: retains water in soil for future use, plant health and cooling.
  • High density: about 30 times more dense than traditional forests.
  • Community education: helps build awareness of biodiversity and the value of trees.
  • Wellbeing: provides improved social cohesion and connection to nature.
  • Urban wildlife refuge: creates a sanctuary within urban areas to support and protect wildlife populations amidst urban development.

How can I get involved?

You can come along to help plant future micro forests or help with wildlife observations. By being involved you will meet other like-minded residents who care about nature and play an active role in improving the local natural environment.  

Micro forests also offer great outdoor education opportunities, involvement in science and opportunities for meaningful connection to nature.

For more information, contact Biodiversity Champion, Anna Mezzetti, at anna.mezzetti@monash.vic.gov.au