Autumn street trees

High pedestrian usage areas such as major and minor activity centres or shopping strips are inspected more often.

This ensures footpaths are maintained in accordance with Council’s Road Management Plan.

Report a footpath issue

You can lodge your concern about footpath issues online.

When reporting footpath issue, we will ask you for:

  • The location of the footpath issue (Property Search screen)
  • Enter the location address or the nearest address. You will be able to add more information in the ‘further information’ field (next screen)

Report a footpath issue

If the issue is high-risk or a danger to pedestrians, please call Council's Customer Service team on 9518 3555. Please identify as many details as possible so Council can make the area safe as a matter of urgency. For issues such as footpath collapses or major breakages, urgent works are arranged as required.

What Council does to fix routine footpath defects

Council will inspect reported routine footpath damage in five working days or sooner, assess the defect and determine the action to be taken. This is carried out in accordance with Council’s Road Management Plan(PDF, 6MB).

A rating is assigned to each reported defect which determines how the defect will be made safe and/or repaired. The location of the defect and whether it is in a high pedestrian use area will also determine the timeframe in which the repair/replacement will be carried out.

Footpath treatments

Most of Council’s footpath complaints are due to joint displacements caused predominantly by tree roots.

Types of footpath treatments include:

  • Grinding for joint displacements of between 10 and 20mm
  • Ramping or grinding for displacements greater than 20mm
  • Defects greater than 30mm may be ramped with asphalt (depending on the location) and then replaced with concrete

When can I expect an issue to be resolved?

Please see Council’s Road Management Plan(PDF, 6MB) for information about condition ratings, intervention levels, treatments and response times.