About the Process

Construction site inspection

This section of the website is here to help you with building in Monash.

If you want to replace a fence, renovate your kitchen, even build an entire dwelling, there are laws and regulations in Australia to help guide you in building safely and suitably.

Monash Council takes the responsibility of ensuring that even minor building works meet the statutory requirements of the Building Act and Building Regulations. We will help you to identify if you need a permit, provide you with information on the rules and regulations, the necessary paperwork and, where possible, inform you of the fees potentially involved.

Property Information

Your ‘property information’ is generally referred to in connection with mortgages, zones, overlays and easements affecting your property.  In turn this may affect your building plans, please check the following page for details on how to view this information: Property Information.

There are several permits you may require in order to build in Monash. By offering permit services, Council is able to give you a virtually one-stop process to comply with the complex array of building legislation, related Acts and Regulations.

Building Permit

You will need a building permit to build almost anything. Small building works - like a fence, a garden shed or kitchen renovation - may not require a permit. For a list of common building projects and their permit requirements, please see the Building section.

A variety of specific building permits are also provided to cover atypical situations and when you need to use public property,

Planning Permit

Planning permits are legal documents that give permission to develop or use land for a specific purpose. Monash Council may require you to apply for one if you want to develop or use land:

  • For a commercial project
  • To subdivide into two or more lots
  • That is less than 500m2 in size
  • Under a Heritage Overlay
  • To lop or remove vegetation under the Vegetation Protection Overlay

Common Projects

Council can also advise and help you with a lot of common building and planning questions about things such as:

For more information, please call Council on 9518 3555.