Smart Waste Sensors

Smart waste sensors

The Waste Sensor project is a groundbreaking initiative within the City of Monash, aiming to revolutionise Council’s approach to waste management of public space bins.

By strategically installing sensors in public space bins across various locations within the Monash municipality, these smart sensors continuously monitor bin fill levels.

When a bin reaches a certain threshold — either full or approaching full — the sensors trigger real-time alerts and immediately send notifications to Council officers for actions. Some sensors in larger bins can also detect the degree to which the lid may have been left open.

This cutting-edge technology enables Council officers to empty and close the bins before overflow occurs, preventing unsightly waste spillage.

This innovative blend of smart city technology and proactive waste management promises a range of benefits for our Council, community and residents, including efficient collection routes, improved public satisfaction, strategic bin placement, and accurate waste data for assessing environmental impact.

So far, 88 sensors have been deployed, with an additional 62 sensors scheduled for installation in April 2024.