How do I recycle different items?

Clothes and toys in a box

For a comprehensive list of how to recycle items, search our
A-Z guide to recycling

The following page lists some general guidelines around frequently asked items. 

There are many items that cannot go in your recycling bin, but can be recycled in other ways:

More information: A-Z guide to recycling in Monash

Batteries and electronic waste

Batteries and electronic items cannot go in any of your household bins. An electronic item includes any item that uses a plug, power cord or battery to operate.

Find out where you can recycle these items: Batteries and e-waste

Clothing, shoes and textiles

Good-quality clothing can be donated to charity shops in Monash. For locations, please see our Community Directory.

A number of companies take old clothing and textiles and recycle the fabrics or upcycle into new clothes, please see

UPPAREL provides a collection service to repurpose or recycle clothing and textiles. New or fit-for-wear items are passed onto charity and op shops while the remaining items are upcycled into new products or recycled into new materials. Costs apply and all items must be cleaned before sending. Find out more at

Coffee cups, straws

Where possible, it is best to avoid takeaway coffee cups and single-use straws.  Check for your nearest cafe which accepts reusable cups. If your favourite cafe isn’t listed, encourage them to join.

If you find yourself with a takeaway cup or plastic straw, you can recycle it through the Simply Cups program. Find out more, including a list of recycling locations, at

Coffee pods

Nespresso coffee pods can be recycled at one of their collection points, or you can order a satchel from Nespresso to return your used pods: Nespresso recycling program

Other brands of coffee pods can be sent to TerraCycle through their Coffee Cups – Zero Waste Box (costs apply) or through free recycling programs for selected brands.

Household chemicals

Sustainability Victoria provides a free household chemical drop-off service at different locations across Victoria. This is where you can safely dispose of old chemicals and other dangerous substances.

For more information, please go to

Makeup containers

Take any brand of makeup containers to Priceline stores. All containers must be empty (a bit of residue is OK). For a list of accepted items:

Medicine blister packs

Medicine and tablet blister packs can be sent to Flora & Fauna or Banish, or check for other recyclers

Unwanted medicines can be taken to your local pharmacy.

Oral care

Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and floss containers can be sent to TerraCycle


Paintback offers safe disposal of paint and paint tins at its drop-off collection sites. Along with disposing of waste paint responsibly, Paintback is committed to researching new ways to re-purpose unwanted paint materials. Find your nearest drop-off collection point at

You can also take paint and paint tins to the Monash Recycling and Waste Centre.

Plastic bags and soft plastics

Take soft plastics for recycling to the designated collection point at Monash Recycling & Waste Centre.

This collection point is for Monash residents’ household items only and is not for commercial quantities.

Smaller drop-off points at Monash Civic Centre and Oakleigh Service Centre are also available to Monash residents who have difficulty accessing the Recycling & Waste Centre. Due to the smaller capacity of the drop-off points, there is a limit of 1 bag of soft plastics per visit. 


Drop off pens, highlighters and markers to participating Officeworks stores or send to TerraCycle for recycling.


Donate toys in good condition to Monash Toy Libraries or op shops.

Old and unwanted toys can be taken to Big W stores for recycling. Not all toys are accepted.

Reducing packaging

Reducing the amount of packaging you end up with eliminates the need for recycling. Here’s some tips to help you reduce your packaging waste:

  • Make purchasing decisions based on the amount (and type) of packaging an item has. Choose items that come with minimal or no packaging, or packaging that can be recycled, reused or composted at home.
  • When shopping online, look for stores that provide plastic-free and low packaging delivery options.
  • Shop at local Farmers’ Markets and bulk food stores, where you can bring your own container.
  • Find your nearest Roving Refills pop-up stall or stores that have an Unpackaged Eco refill station. You can take your own containers to fill up cleaning products and shampoo.
  • Search for online stores, such as Dirt, where you can return packaging to be reused. 

Other recycling options

For more recycling options:

Businesses can visit