Apply for Business Permits

 If you are starting a new business, buying an existing business, or altering your own existing business there are likely to be some permissions, permits or licences that you may need.

Business planning

There are tips and tools available to help you to avoid any pitfalls along the way. This includes business planning, choosing the right legal structure, registering your business name and number, signing retail leases, registering for taxation, choosing the right premises and insurances: Business Tools and Tips

Business permits

Council now offers a streamlined online business application and specialist customer service through a Business Application Officer (on 9518 3555) to assist you up front and throughout your permit process. Please see below the information, checklists and tools to step you through assessing and applying for the right permits.

After completing self-assessment and reading relevant documents (if required), you will be ready to lodge your online permit application.


STEP 1: Online self-assessment

The assessment will give you a better understanding of type of permits you may need and will provide links to relevant web pages (to read before beginning the application process).

Online self-assessment 

After completing self-assessment, reading relevant information (provided at the end of self-assessment) and discussing your ideas with Business Application Officer, you will be ready to lodge your application. 

STEP 2: Business Application Officer contact

The Business Application Officer will contact you to discuss details of the business requirements.

If you did not supply contact details in STEP 1, you are able to contact Council’s Business Application Officer on 9518 3555 or email

We strongly recommend you do this before completing the Business Application form in STEP 3, to be aware of other requirements and documents that may need to be attached to your application.

STEP 3: Business Application

Online application

Step 1.Application Guide

Read this before commencing your application as there may be other documents you need to prepare before commencing the Business Permits application.

Business Application Guide

Step 2.Fees

Relevant fees apply to each permit.

The department responsible for a specific permit will determine the fees and the Business Application Officer will arrange payment after you have completed the online application.

Permit Fees(PDF, 660KB)

Step 3.Apply Online

Business Permit Application

If you require assistance with completing the above application, please contact Council's Business Application Officer on 9518 3555.

Email, mail, in person

If you require a hard copy of the Business Application Form, please call Business Application Officer on 9518 3555.

Information Privacy Statement: The information obtained through this application will not be disclosed to any external party without your consent, unless required or authorised by law. If you wish to gain access to, or alter any personal information you have supplied in this nomination, please contact Business Application Officer on 9518 3555 or email