Council adopts Zero Net Carbon Plan

At its 29 November 2022 meeting, Council noted the first Progress Report on the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan.

Progress Report for the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan(PDF, 1MB)

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Report to Council 29 November 2022 meeting(PDF, 2MB)

Council Meeting Decisions (item 4.9)(PDF, 299KB)

Watch Council Meeting video recording (item 4.9)

Achievements to date include:

  • 78% reduction of GHG emissions since the 2018-19 baseline
  • 28% reduction in electricity costs (equating to $611,000 pa)
  • Enhanced progress on projects

Progress Report highlights:

  • Eight energy audits completed for community buildings (grant funded).
  • Feedback into procurement policy to encourage energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction, circular economy and increase use of recycled content materials.
  • More electric vehicles, charging stations and improved fleet efficiency.
  • Roll out of weekly food waste collection (reducing community GHG emissions).
  • Ongoing support of Energy Savers for business and Solar Savers for community.
  • Creation of a micro forest to support urban cooling in Mulgrave. 

Action Plan

At its 25 February 2020 meeting, Council committed to working towards becoming carbon neutral, with a target of zero net corporate greenhouse gas emissions, by 2025. Our Zero Net Carbon Action Plan provides a pathway for achieving this goal, with a focus toward on-ground action using a proactive and cost-effective methodology.

View our Zero Net Carbon Action Plan:

Zero Net Carbon Action Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Zero Net Carbon Action Plan(DOCX, 938KB)

This commitment has been based on detailed independent modelling by CarbonetiX, which determined the annual corporate greenhouse gas emissions generated for Council, and identified actions required to minimise our impact on the environment and achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

In 2018-19, our corporate baseline greenhouse gas emissions were 20,503 tCO2e. During 2019-20, we saw our emissions reduce by 8%, partly due to adjusting our services under COVID-19 restrictions.

With the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan in place, we hope to see continued reductions to help us become carbon neutral by 2025.

Our top five sources of corporate greenhouse gas emissions: 

  • Electricity: 59.5%
  • Gas: 15%
  • Asphalt and concrete use: 8%
  • Fleet vehicles: 7.2%
  • Employee commutes: 6.9%

Key actions to achieving our Zero Net Carbon Action Plan

  • Source 100% renewable electricity
  • Replace main road street lighting with LED lights
  • Improve energy efficiency of Council’s largest major buildings and key community facilities
  • Reduce fuel use and transition to electric vehicles for fleet vehicles
  • Preference the use of sustainable products, technologies and services through sustainable procurement
  • Implement an Environmental Sustainable Design policy for Council buildings and infrastructure
  • Offset emissions that cannot be avoided

Supporting Information

Council Report on Carbon Neutral and Zero Emissions Actions(PDF, 233KB)

Trajectory to Carbon Neutrality for Council’s Corporate Emissions(PDF, 2MB)

Towards zero carbon in Monash(PDF, 4MB)

Thanks to Iron Bark Sustainability, CarbonetiX and Scientell for providing the initial research that supported the development of the Zero Net Carbon Action Plan.