Managing local streets

Glen Waverley street

Council works to improve safety and traffic flow in the city by managing our local streets via the following methods:

The Road Management Plan dictates Council’s maintenance obligations, including roadways and laneways.

See also: VicRoads - Traffic: Alerts and Roadworks

Roads, streets and footpaths - report an issue or make a request

Register of Public Roads

Every road in Monash is inspected, maintained and repaired by an authority, such as Council, VicRoads or owners corporations.

If you want to know who is responsible for a road in Monash, view our Register of Public Roads:

Register of Public Roads(PDF, 884KB) 

Road Safety through Traffic Management

We have been proactive in lowering speed zones throughout shopping precincts to ensure pedestrian safety.

Installing T intersections or mini-roundabouts reduces priority roads and lowers speeds of drivers as they approach an intersection, effectively reducing accidents.

We create traffic management plans and implement road closures when necessary. Our priority assessment helps to inform which roads receive attention and works.

Capital Works Projects

Capital Works projects are decided upon through public consultations, preparing briefs, concepts plans for design, project management, budget planning and funding, and consultation with other agencies.

Sustainable Transport

We help deliver upgrades and works to cycling and walking tracks. See the following section for details: Recreation Strategies & Policies.

Strategic Transport

We work with the Eastern Transport Coalition, providing strategic planning and seek external funding to improve transport services in Monash.  Public transport is a State Government responsibility. We advocate for better frequency of services or advise when new routes for public transport may be needed.  

Parking Management

Do you have an issue with residential parking which might be due to schools, public transport, or apartment blocks? Call us on 9518 3555 or email

We routinely look to implement parking restrictions as a means to ensure appropriate parking for residents and streets remain unrestricted to traffic.

Do you know of an area that needs additional accessible parking spaces? We can help you out when we designate accessible parking bays for community needs.

If you require information about Parking Permits, please see the following section of our website: Parking Permits.